A foundation for ecological and sustainable development

Green Forum is a foundation based on the Swedish Green party’s ideology for ecological and sustainable development and has since 1995 supported green parties and organizations in more than 25 countries. We believe that people can and would like to take active part in building the society. We prepare people to make them involved in decision-making processes. Decentralization, gender equality and youth influence are key goals of the green movement.  Swedish politicians, political parties and organizations have experiences that can be used as tools in building democracy in other countries. This demands mutual co-operation and mutual exchange of experiences. Green Forum Foundation supports the development of democracy, the respect for Human rights and a sustainable development.

Green Forum aims to achieve:

  • That there is a strong well-organized party in each country
  • The existence of a vigorous network of green actors worldwide
  • That there are well-established systems of knowledge and experience sharing between Green Forum and partners
  • That the Swedish public has good knowledge of the global green movement

Our vision

Our vision is people having the power to create sustainable democratic societies operating within the limits set by the ecosystem.