Frank Habineza, president of African Greens Federation.

In Programme Africa, Green Forum cooperates with one partner; African Greens Federation. The programme focuses on the development of continental and regional cooperation as well as capacity strengthening of AGF regional federations and national parties in approximately 20 countries. The objectives of the programme are; Democracy capacity building of member parties in different countries, Strengthening regional and inter-state cooperation’s through the regional federations, Strengthen the Continental Secretariat in order to achieve an improved management of the activities carried out by the regional federations.

AGF was officially started in April 2010, during the African Greens Congress held in Uganda that same year, but did not get its registration until 2012. AGF held a second African greens congress in 2012 and hosted the Global Greens congress. In 2012 AGF extended its support to 10 countries, in 2013 it established 3 regional federations and extended its support to 11 countries. In 2015 AGF had 22 green member organizations and parties. Besides their five regional structures they have a staffed secretariat in Ouagadougou.