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Gender equality as a way to sustainability

Ecological and social sustainability requires an equal and inclusive society Around the world, the parliamentary arm of the green movement has its strength in the broad support from the civil society and its strong grass roots, which share the same view on the need for systemic change. In many countries, the green parties gets both […]

Greenwashing in the environmental sector

Georgian Young Greens believes that the environment should be prioritized over economic profits Georgian Young Greens protests against a new hydro power plant project, which they mean will damage the environment, lead to socio-economic consequences and environmental migrants. Georgian Young Greens has always seen themselves as the most obvious voice in environmental politics due to […]

Report from South Caucasus meeting

Strengthening the cooperation in the region The annual regional meeting with participants from Southern-Caucasus was held in late october. It is a meeting to strengthen the cooperation in the region, and to support each other in their political struggles. The theme was activism and how political participation works in the different countries of the region. The group […]

Fredsförhandlingarna i Colombia – Negociaciones de paz en Colombia

Europaparlamentet stödjer fredsprocessen – El Parlamento Europeo apoya el proceso de paz Efter omröstning i Europaparlamentet den 20 Januari antogs en resolution om fredsförhandlingarna i Colombia, med bred majoritet. Den gemensamma resolutionen välkomnar de pågående fredsförhandlingarna mellan den colombianska regeringen och Farc. Den stödjer de avtal som hittills har ingåtts mellan Colombias regering och Farc för att uppnå […]

DGPR Calls for Political and Electoral Reforms from the Rwandan Parliament

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, DGPR, has on the 10th of February 2016, submitted a petition to the Rwandan Parliament, calling for revisions in the national election laws and the political parties Act. These political reforms, the green party suggests, are needed before the 2017 Presidential Elections and the 2018 Parliamentary elections and would enable a level […]

Gender awareness in Serbia

Why does the discussion about gender make people uncomfortable? In Serbia, LGBT+ people are being excluded from their communities and International Women’s day is confused with romantic courting. People are afraid to say that they are feminists and young females are facing misogyny. The Green Forum intern Kristina Grujicic met with gender coordinators from two […]