DGPR Calls for Political and Electoral Reforms from the Rwandan Parliament


The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, DGPR, has on the 10th of February 2016, submitted a petition to the Rwandan Parliament, calling for revisions in the national election laws and the political parties Act. These political reforms, the green party suggests, are needed before the 2017 Presidential Elections and the 2018 Parliamentary elections and would enable a level playing field.

Besides the petition, DGPR requests that the law be revised and conditions be put on foreign support, such as declarations of the source of funding and provision of reports to the concerned Government bodies. The good example is Uganda, where political parties can receive foreign support but declare its source and give reports to the Government. There is also a limit on what a single donor can give to the political party in a given year in Uganda.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, believes that a positive reaction from the Rwandan Parliament will lay a strong foundation for democracy and will allow all political parties have a level playing field before the upcoming general elections.