Green Forum have appointed a new Secretary General

Green Forum’s board has appointed Therese Näsman as the new Secretary General for Green Forum. Therese comes from the sustainability field and has in her previous positions been working with environmental issues, human rights and gender. Her work experience includes, Managing Director at the Regional Energy Agency of West Sweden, Program Manager at Forum Syd and Project Manager at Alliance to Save Energy’s South Asia branch.

“I’m honored to get the opportunity to lead Green Forum in a time where democracy and human rights are constantly under threat and natural resources exploited. Green Forum’s work to contribute to sustainable democratic societies that operates within the planetary boundaries are more urgent than ever”

“With my background in both civil society and public sector I have seen and experienced the shrinking space for civil society and the democratic deficit many countries are struggling with. It is with great joy and humbleness I’m taking on the challenge to contribute to Green Forums work with building well-functioning party systems, political participation and democratic political systems”.