Green forum is looking for a consultant – Coordinator “Green Political Training Platform”

1.              General background

The POSP “Green Political Training Platform” aims at strengthening organizational and policy development among Green Parties in Africa. The programme is expected to incorporate 1 party in the region (and if successful, 2 more during the life cycle of the project) and increase the competence of the participants that in turn can contribute to strengthen youth wings and strengthened Green policy development. The programme contributes to SIDA’s strategy for democratic support in relation to “Increased empowerment and influence of society groups that are underrepresented in political processes and decision making, with focus on the political participation of women and young people”.

The programme is to provide the participants with pertinent content through 10 to 12 training sessions as well as the opportunity to apply new concept through joint or local activities. The programme is to be implemented digitally in close coordination with Green Forum.

2.              Assignment

2.1.               Scope of the contract

Green Forum is now contracting a platform coordinator to develop, implement and follow-up the programme the “Africa political online training platform“ which will take place between December 2021 and December 2022

2.2.               Description of services requested

Below follows a description of the services anticipated from the coordinator. The coordinator will report to Green Forum and work very closely with the team to jointly implement the programme.

2.2.1.        Recruitment of participants

The coordinator will do its best effort to recruit 15-20 participants (respecting gender parity) per training (Including the project team in Madagascar (5 people)). More participants will be considered as a positive result in the programme. Recruitment will require to engage in dialogue with political parties including party representatives and potential youth candidates coming from all parties involved in the programme. The coordinator will inform closely on the activities and results of this effort and will inform with anticipation of any deviation in the achievement of the expected number of participants.

2.2.2.        Development of the programme, design of programme contents and digital platforms

The coordinator will evaluate the pertinence of using Green Forums current online platform for the objectives of the Green political training platform. The coordinator will provide all the necessary information to Green Forum to have access to the platforms. Any material that requires pre-production in terms of audio-visual resources will be carried out by the coordinator and submitted to Green Forum.

The coordinator will, in collaboration with the target group and Green Forum manager, design the content of the programme and engage with local or distant facilitators that can facilitate the modules of the programme.

2.2.3.        Implementation of the Training Sessions.

The coordinator shall ensure that all the sessions designed for the programme are carried out. The coordinator will provide a register of the sessions and participants to Green Forum. The coordinator is also in charge of administering evaluation forms to participants, as well as providing an analysis of the information received. The coordinator shall ensure that facilitators have all the necessary information regarding the sessions through the digital platforms and that sessions are carried out in its most effective way.

2.2.4.        Implementation of Project activities

Project-specific activities belonging to the partner’s already ongoing project within POSP have designed by the participants prior to the engagement of the coordinator. The purpose of the coordinator action within this framework would be to provide an opportunity to the participants to apply the acquired knowledge to their ongoing projects.

The coordinator will ensure with Green Forum programme manager that participants fulfil all requirements and ensure expenditures are organized according to the approved budget.

2.2.5.        Other tasks

In addition to the tasks linked to the specific activities outlined above, the coordinator is also expected to undertake the following activities throughout the contract period:

 Programme management, monitoring, coordination and evaluation

  • Support and advice Green Forum on all aspects for the successful implementation of the programme.
  • Monitor the implementation of the programme against the work plan, budget, strategies and expected results.


  • The coordinator shall provide the following reports to Green Forum. Report shall provide an account of the activities carried out and achieved results. The coordinator shall provide all supporting documentation required by Green Forum.
    • Preparation Stage Report. The first report will provide information over the sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 in these ToR.
    • Implementation Stage Report. The second report will provide information over the sections 2.2.3.
    • Follow up Report. The third report will provide information over the section 2.2.4

Additional reporting and information can be required by Green Forum in the best interest of the success of the programme.

3. Budget

The budget of this contract is valued to a maximum of 300.000 SEK.

  • Payments

The payments shall be made in SEK no later than 30 days following the Consultant’s submission of an invoice to the Green Forum by money transfer to the following bank account:

  • Schedule of payment

The payments shall be done on in three instalments according to the chart below.


Payment Amount Deliverable Schedule
1 of 2 200 000 SEK ·     Evaluation of the platform

·     Project plan for the year

Before 31st December 2021
2 of 2 50 000 SEK ·     Organised at least 5 trainings August 31st 2021
3 of 3 50 000 SEK ·     Having organized a total of 10-12 trainings

·     Report of the activities (tracking of participations, results, qualitative questionnaires collected from the participants)

Upon completion of the programme

  4. Qualifications

  • Has a proven record of carrying out digital training events and online platforms.
  • Has experience working on the African continent, and if possible, in countries interested by the original scope of action (DRC, Madagascar).
  • Has experience in capacity development.
  • Has good project planning and budget skills.
  • Has good report writing skills.
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Possesses good logistical skills.
  • Is in capacity of handling legal aspects (especially in supporting the Youth Wing creation phase).
  • Is perfectly fluent in French (mother tongue is paramount).
  • Is fluent in English.

5. Documentation required

  • Letter of interest and CV. Presentation of relevant experience and abilities as well as qualifications.
  • Economic proposal. Proposal specifying a lump sum for the deliverables required in this document and consultants rate/hr. All costs shall be given in Swedish kronor, including VAT.
  • 1 page description of how the consultant would go about the implementing process on one training event from idea to evaluation.

6. Procurement procedures

6.1 Selection criteria

The tender is subject to a selective tender procedure. The TOR will be sent to three or more selected consultants. The tenders will be assessed considering the following aspects.

  • The qualifications and experience of the tenderer (50%)
  • Suggested training process (30%)
  • The cost for the tender (20%)

Proposal review will be assessed through a Combined Scoring Method base on above percentages. The successful consultant will be selected by Green Forum.

6.2 Tendering

The tender containing all required information will be submitted to Green Forum by email to the following address at the latest 14th nov, 2021. Subject in the e-mail should read. Coordinator Green Political Platform

Questions regarding the evaluation will be received via email to