Green Forum is looking for an evaluator for Democracy Support project in Guatemala

Terms of Reference

Mid Term Project Evaluation

Democracy Strengthening, Guatemala


  1. Background

1.1 Green Forum

Green Forum is a Party Affiliated Organization affiliated to the Swedish Green Party. Green Forum believes green organizations are key to support the transition to sustainable democratic societies. Internationally, it works through SIDA´S democracy support programme, pursuing democratic development and increased respect for human rights and equal opportunities for men and women.  Since its establishment, Green Forum has supported movements in Africa, Latin America, Europe as well as green Federations in Asia-Pacific, Africa, America and Europe.

1.2 Context

In 2019, Green Forum and SIDA agreed on a two-year programme, with an overarching goal of strengthening partner’s organizations capacity to develop their membership base through inclusion and diversifity as well as strengthening organizations’ ability to position citizens demands. To achieve these goals, Green Forum would apply sub-granting, capacity building activities, networking, and opportunities for peer-to-peer learning between green actors. To instrumentalize its support, Green Forum established individual projects with each of its partners. Each partner develops its own project and receives funding to implement its initiative.

In 2020, SIDA decided to extend the programme for two more years until 2022. Green Forum and its partners have extended individual projects two additional years following SIDAs decision.

  1. Assignment

2.1 Purpose of the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate to what extent the project with Green Forum’s partner in Guatemala has been able to achieve outcomes of the project implemented between 2019 and 2020. Outcomes shall be understood as a change in behavior, relationships, actions, activities, policies, or practices of an individual, group, community or organization. The evaluation must provide a clear assessment about achievement of expected and unexpected outcomes, a theory of change to explain how the activities lead to the achieved outcomes, or factors that prevented it.

It is intended for the evaluation to determine:

  • Relevance:
    • Extent to which the project was consistent with contextual needs
    • Extent to which the intervention logic was adequate to deliver the expected results.
    • and whether the activities proposed were adequate to achieve outcomes
  • Outcomes:
    • Identification of outcomes achieved, expected or unexpected throughout the project, expressed in terms of change.
    • How where these outcomes achieved.
    • Identification of groups or individuals who benefited from the intervention. Identification of how different target groups / beneficiaries experienced the change achieved.
  • Sustainability:
    • How did the project incorporate sustainability, understood as results being maintained beyond the timeline of the project? Are the results likely to remain in time after the completion of the project?
  • Lessons learnt:
    • What did the local partner learn about the implementation of the project?
    • How can the partner use this knowledge to implement future projects?
  • Partnership model:
    • Is the partnership model used by Green Forum appropriate to promote change within the objectives of the programme .
  • Project inclusiveness
    • Is the overall project management inclusive, transparent, gender-sensitive, and human-rights based.

2.2 Scope of the assignment

The evaluation will focus on the outcomes and activities implemented by Green Forum’s local partner in Guatemala. The expected outcomes of the project were:

  1. Provide tools and knowledge to a group of trainers through “Train the trainers” methodology in all the selected regions of the country.
  2. Identification of regional and municipal leaders, commited to the wellbeing of their communities through local development to strengthen democracy in the country.

The project has been implemented in a two-year period (2019-2020). Adjustment to the project given COVID pandemic occurred within 2020.

2.3 Methodology

The evaluation will be carried out by the consultant in coordination with Green Forum staff. Green Forum will provide available documentation including project plans, reports and other relevant information.

It is suggested for the evaluation to take on an Outcome Harvesting approach, or similar, where the evaluator is to interact with different target groups / individuals to understand how the project has changed attitude and behavior.

Consultants must submit a methodological proposal for the development of the evaluation. Documentation required is specified in the section below. The successful proposal will be a departing point for a detailed work plan. The plan will be developed after the consultant has been briefed about the project and accessed documentation. The work plan must be approved by Green Forum before data collection takes place.

The evaluation approach should be gender and human rights sensitive. Data disaggregation with relevant categories for the project is expected in evaluation report.

The assignment is home-based. The consultant shall be available for coordination and presentation meetings. Meetings can be held remotely/online. Communication with Green Forum will be carried out in English while communication with field partners will be done in Spanish.

2.4 Deliverables

The Consultant is to complete the following deliverables during the assignment;

  • A detailed work plan, including a description of the approach and methodology, data collection tools, questionnaires, analyzing tools and timeframe proposed.
  • A written evaluation report including methodology, findings, conclusions and recommendations fulfilling purpose of the evaluation described in 2.1. The final evaluation report shall be in English and shall not exceed 20 pages excluding appendices.
  • An oral report, presenting main highlights of evaluation.

It is expected for the evaluation to be carried out in a 10-week period. However, the final report must be submitted the June 30st, 2021 the latest. The delivery of the evaluation products shall be done accordingly the following schedule:



Evaluation workplan Detailed document including data collection tools, questionnaires to be applied, time frame and further requirements Within the first two weeks from the beginning of assignment
First draft written report Evaluation report including full content, relevant figures and findings Within seven weeks from the beginning of the assignment
Second draft written report Evaluation report incorporating feedback from Green Forum Within nine weeks from the

beginning of the assignment

Final version written report and oral report Final evaluation report complying with Green Forum’s requirements

Within ten weeks from the beginning of the assignment


  1. Budget

The budget for the consultancy shall not exceed 100.000 SEK excluding VAT.

3.1 Fees

The Consultant shall indicate the fees/rates to complete the assignment. Consultant is responsible for all costs related to the consultancy.

3.2 Payment

The final payment will be made by bank transfer 30 days after delivery by consultant and deliverable approval by Green Forum. Payments will also require invoice issuing by the consultant.

  1. Qualifications and experience

The consultant shall have the following qualifications:

  • Relevant education for the task, for example bachelor/master’s degree in international development, social/political science or related fields.
  • At least 5 years of combined experience in project management, organizational development and/or monitoring and evaluation.
  • Demonstrated ability with data collection and analysis methods.
  • Demonstrated ability to draft and lay out quality documents and reports.
  • Excellent command of spoken and written Spanish and English.
  • Not be bankrupt, be convicted of crime in the profession, not have been guilty of serious professional misconduct nor have tax liabilities. Swedish suppliers shall have a class F tax certificate for contractors.


  • Experience in working in Latin America, desirable in Guatemala
  • Experience evaluating/working with membership-based organizations.


  1. Documentation required

Interested individuals must submit the following documentation:

  1. Letter of interest and CV. Presentation of relevant experience and abilities as well as qualifications. Max 3 pages.
  2. Methodological Proposal. Plan outlining evaluation methods (both quantitative and qualitative) to be used for data collection and analysis. Max 2 pages.
  3. Economic proposal. Proposal specifying a lump sum for the deliverables required in this document. All costs shall be given in Swedish kronor, excluding VAT.


  1. Procurement procedures

6.1 Selection criteria

The tender is subject to a selective tender procedure. The TOR will be sent to three or more selected consultants. The tenders will be assessed considering the following aspects.

  • The contents of the tender (that all the required information is enclosed, otherwise the tender will be disqualified)
  • The qualifications and experience of the tenderer including experience from working within the development sector and Latin America/Guatemala (20%)
  • The methodology and approach proposed (50%)
  • The cost for the tender (30%)

Proposal review will be assessed through a Combined Scoring Method base on above percentages. The successful consultant will be selected by Green Forum.

6.2 Tendering

The tender containing all required information will be submitted to Green Forum by email to the following address at the latest March 24th, 2021. Subject in the email should read “Evaluation Guatemala”.

Questions regarding the evaluation will be received via email to or phone: +46760511930 before March 19th , 2021.