Invitation for New Partnerships

The Green political movement is consistently gaining more relevance in response to multiple global and local crises. The “green wave” is loudly reminding our societies to move towards a sustainable future. However, the political impact Greens are making globally is still relatively modest. Therefore, Green Forum, as a political foundation are committed to enhancing green political organizations’ potential and influence. We believe that together with institutionally strong and mature Green parties as well as with green political organizations we can turn our ongoing health, economic, democratic and environmental crisis into a great opportunity to build resilient and just societies within the planetary boundaries.

Green Forum is now reaching out to potential new partners[1] in  Africa, Eastern Europe[2],  and Latin America. The purpose of this call is to stimulate green political organizations in seeking increased political influence within their respective contexts. If you are an organization with a political agenda centered around the green ideology, you might be eligible to become a Green Forum partner.

Partnership Concept:

Partnering with Green Forum entails dialogue and collaboration to increase political influence of your organization through organizational strengthening initiatives.

For this, Green Forum needs to understand what your organization stands for, how it operates, and which organizational areas could benefit from the Green Forum support. Once the in-depth organizational dialogue is completed, a partnership agreement focusing on one or more of the following areas/objectives can be developed:

  1. Improved capacity of managing and engaging membership;
  2. Strengthened structures including internal democracy and internal organizational systems;
  3. Improved ability to cooperate and create alliances;
  4. Strengthened external communication;
  5. Refined policy & programming work;

Partnerships can vary in terms of type as well as scope of funding: Green Forum can provide capacity development opportunities, networking events with other green parties and green actors, as well financial support with up to 250 000 SEK in the beginning stage.  Funded activities /projects can vary from evidence-based policy development to setting internal democratic procedures in place – depending on the applicant’s needs, challenges and working priorities.

Eligibility Criteria:

Green Political organizations or parties working in the countries of Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Africa are invited to apply for partnership.

Partnership process

The process for partnership development has been drafted below:



1.       New Partnership invitation & application

Organisations interested in partnership with Green Forum are invited to fill in the application form/Data Sheet before 15th August 2021.

2.       Online info session

Green Forum will organize an online info session on July 23rd, for those intending to submit a partnership application who might have questions about the process or its elements. If your organization is interested in attending the info-session you can send a message to the email indicating “Green Forum Info-session” in its subject by July 21st , after which we will send you instructions on how to connect to the web streamed session.

3.        Reviewing the information submitted.

After receiving the filled-in forms, Green Forum will review the applications and a Green Forum officer will communicate to the applicants the status of the application. If your organization fulfils the first criteria, Green Forum will contact the organization for a further dialogue.

4.        Further Dialogue

Further dialogue includes the process of feasibility assessment with the applicant. The objective of the assessment is to learn more about each other, to understand the organization and to determine if the possible partnership fulfils realistic expectations for both, the potential partner and Green Forum. The dialogue will be online.

5.        On-site Visit

Successful feasibility assessment will be followed by on-site visits: Green Forum management will visit the organization in person to complete the assessment process.

6.       Pursue partnership and develop project

In this stage Green Forum project officers together with the partner applicant will concretize and develop the final project proposal based on the partner organization’s development plan.

Upon completion of all steps of this process, Green Forum will be in the position to pursue a partnership with the applicant organization. The partnership needs to be approved by the Green Forum board, after which the partnership agreement will be signed. In February 2022 the project will be ready to kick off.


Green Forum invites all interested organizations to review the documentation, and to address any questions to Green Forum. GF is ready to support organizations in different stages of development and encourages all organizations, whatever their level of development, to contact our foundation.

Click here to open the application form 

The deadline for filling in the form is 15th August, 2021.

Please note that the application form has 6 sections (32 questions), and it does not automatically save your answers until you submit the whole form. Therefore, if you would like to prepare your application beforehand, we recommend to download This PDF document.

[1] New partner:  a political organization that has not received any funding from Green Forum before.

[2] Eastern Europe:  countries of  the Eastern Partnership, as well as Western Balkans and Turkey.