Advancing green
principles & politics

Today’s dominant economic models do not encompass the relationship between humans and nature.

Unsustainable production and consumption patterns have depleted and polluted our environment on an unprecedented global scale. Making matters worse: the majority of the world’s population live in countries with undemocratic regimes where governments are failing to guarantee sustainable societies. Participatory democracies are key in the fight against climate change and social injustices.

The world needs thriving green parties that can turn green principles into action, driving change towards sustainable and democratic societies.

We’re on a

To accelerate the transition to sustainable democratic societies by amplifying green political organisations and strengthening political systems via green principles.

This is how we do it

We amplify green political organisations

Donors trust us to make sure that funding is reaching the right people. We look for and support people and parties working for real change in politics. Our transparent and seamless sub-granting process means we share funds fairly.

We strengthen green principles in political systems

We work alongside political actors to enhance the skills and experience needed to successfully fulfil their roles. We help level the playing field, empowering them to develop their capacity; to constructively cooperate on issues that affect them, their country, and the broader region.

We abide by and uphold green principles

We’re committed to growing a vigorous network of innovative green actors worldwide. Through networking events and programs, we enable our partners to engage in healthy debate, share and grow their knowledge, exchange ideas, and get their voices heard.

Why partner with us?

Innovative Approaches

Together with our partners, we develop innovative approaches to transition into sustainable democratic societies.

Holistic Perspective

We strengthen democracies by connecting green actors from different sectors to work together on common agendas.

Collaborative Philosophy

We collaborate with our partners to navigate challenging contexts across all sectors and to effect real change.

Partnerships and Associations

We’re on a mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable democratic societies. This means building strong partnerships and alliances to advance green principles in politics.

We are a member of the global community, working toward green ideals and partnering with organisations to advance green principles in politics. Since 1995, we have worked with green parties and organisations in more than 50 countries

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Meet our team

Therese Näsman

Secretary General

With an MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science and BBA in International management, Therese has 15 years of experience working as program manager, team leader and managing director within civil society organisations and local authorities focusing on energy, environment, democracy and human rights. She believes political will is key to the transition to sustainable democratic societies. Passionate about new governance and economic models as well as new approaches, narratives and language to enable the change we need to achieve. +46 737 06 5500

Sopho Mchedlishvili

Program Manager

Sopho is a Sociologist with an MA in Nationalism Studies, She has been working with civil society and Eastern European Youth and Green movements internationally for over a decade. Particularly interested in breaking the cycles of exclusion and application of inclusion mechanisms at different levels of organisation, passionate about grassroots development and structural ways of upholding green values, she is committed to green parties’ organisational and political progress (mainly in Eastern Europe). +46 720 71 0480

Ludovic Garattini, PhD

Program Manager

A researcher and professor in Science & Technology Studies (Sorbonne, Le Cnam), Dr. Garattini developed an approach coined as “techno-environmentalism”. Ludovic coordinated European Projects for Academia, intergovernmental collaborations for the Ministry of Research, represented France in Gender networks engaging directly with the European Commission and led a continental organization of Researchers (Eurodoc). His diverse background led him to develop new approaches stemming from Decolonial ecology and a polycentric paradigm for both democracy and ecology, for and together with sister green Parties. +46 705 58 5940

Maria Jacobson

Program Manager

After completing a MSc in political science and international relations, Maria has spent the last 17 years working on international development with a focus on democratic governance, transparency, accountability and capacity development. Maria has lived seven years in Africa and is passionate about contributing to sustainable development, democratic leadership, gender equality, youth rights and social justice at all levels. Previous workplaces include the World Bank and the UNDP Water Governance Facility. +46 700 37 28 77

Our Board

Conny Wahlström


Janine Alm Ericson

Board Member

Magnus Runsten

Board Member

Magnus Wåhlin

Board Member

Sharing values is key to our partnerships; tell us about your organisation and lets explore ways to collaborate

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