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Terms of Reference for Energy Expert/Facilitator for Balkan Policy Lab Workshop

1. Background

The Balkan Green Policy Lab is a collaborative initiative in response to the expressed interest of eight Green Parties from the Balkans to work together on regional policy initiatives.  Green Forum, in partnership with Westminster foundation for Democracy (WfD), Green Left Denmark (SF) and European Green Party (EGP), aims to implement a project that supports the regional policy work of Green parties in the Balkan region and their individual policy units. The project intends to organize a series of online and offline meetings to enhance the policy-making capacities of individual parties and facilitate the development and implementation of regionally beneficial policies for a low carbon energy system.

2. Objectives

The primary objectives of the Policy Lab are as follows:

  1. Enhanced Green Parties’ policy-making capacity in the Balkans, specifically in the field of Energy Policy for a low carbon energy system.
  2. Development of a regional Energy Policy Roadmap for Greens in the Balkans that encompasses a common vision and goals, policy priorities, specific policy initiatives (such as legislative measures and regulatory changes), timelines, and relevant stakeholder engagement.
  3. Promotion of nationally adjustable regional Energy Policy that can be adapted to the unique contexts and energy needs of individual countries in the Balkans.
  4. Effective communication of the project’s work on Energy Policy to the wider public, aiming to promote awareness and understanding of the regional Energy Policy initiatives and their benefits.

3. Scope of Work

The Energy Expert/Facilitator will be responsible for guiding the process of the Policy Lab workshops with the participants representing different Green parties from the Balkans. The facilitator’s role will be to guide and support the participants in the policy development process, ensuring that their expertise, perspectives, and priorities are incorporated into the discussions and outcomes.

The workshops will be conducted in two sessions, with the first workshop scheduled to take place 13-15th October (place TBA) and the second workshop 23-25th November (Place TBA).

The expert/facilitator will work closely with Green Forum and WfD, SF and EGP to provide regular (biweekly) updates on content development, ensure alignment with project goals, and incorporate relevant expertise. The expert/facilitator will be responsible for drafting the workshop agenda and leading the workshops, incorporating interactive and participatory methods to facilitate effective collaboration and learning.

Additionally, the expert/facilitator may, if necessary, suggest relevant stakeholders such as experts, policymakers, academia, and representatives from civil society organizations to provide input and insights during the workshops. This will further enrich the discussions and ensure that the policy recommendations are well-informed and take into account a wide range of perspectives.

4. Required Expertise

The Energy Expert/Facilitator should possess the following qualifications and expertise:

  1. Extensive knowledge and expertise in Energy systems, the inherited sustainability challenges within energy production and usage. Understanding of a sustainable energy mix from both an energy systems perspective, social and a low carbon perspective. Extensive knowledge in the regional and national energy challenges in Balkans related to both current and future energy systems. Knowledge about Just Transition to low carbon energy systems.
  2. Familiarity with policy initiatives and developments in the Balkan region, particularly in the Energy Policy domain;
  3. Understanding of the political landscape and dynamics in the Balkans;
  4. Proficient in facilitating group work and guiding collaborative processes;
  5. Knowledge of political party structures and the functions of policy units;
  6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  7. Experience in workshop design and facilitation;

Applicants who possess expertise in Energy but may not have extensive experience in group facilitation and party structures are still encouraged to apply. Green Forum recognizes that different individuals may excel in different areas. In such cases, applicants can apply as a team, where one applicant has expertise in Energy and the other applicant has strong group facilitation skills. If applying as a team or with a focus on only one quality (either expertise in Energy or group facilitation), it is important to note that the selected applicant(s) will closely collaborate and work together with the facilitator or expert counterpart. The collaborative approach will ensure that the facilitation aspect and the Energy expertise are effectively integrated, while maintaining close coordination with the project donors.

5. Timeline and Deliverables

The Policy Lab workshops are expected to be conducted within the timeframe of October and November 2023. The Energy Expert/Facilitator will be responsible for delivering the following:

  1. Conduct a survey: The expert/facilitator will design and administer a survey in collaboration with the participating parties. The survey will gather information on current energy policies in each country, existing regional frameworks, national and international treaties, and identify gaps and opportunities based on existing research. Additionally, the survey will seek to understand how policies are currently drafted and developed within each party and the region.
  2. Analyze inputs: The expert/facilitator will carefully analyze the inputs received from the participants through the online survey. This analysis will help in identifying commonalities, discrepancies, and key areas of focus for both the energy content and the policy drafting process.
  3. Workshop agenda and materials: Based on the survey findings and analysis, the expert/facilitator will draft a detailed agenda for each workshop, incorporating relevant discussions, exercises, and interactive sessions.
  4. Workshop facilitation: The expert/facilitator will lead the workshops, ensuring effective engagement, participation, and collaboration among the participants. Through interactive facilitation techniques, the expert/facilitator will guide the participants in collectively developing and refining the regional energy policy roadmap. Additionally, the expert/facilitator will incorporate sessions and exercises to enhance the participants’ understanding and skills related to policy drafting and development.
  5. Progress updates: The expert/facilitator will provide regular progress updates to Green Forum, sharing the outcomes of the survey, analysis, and workshop discussions. These updates will include insights, challenges, and recommendations related to both the energy content and the policy drafting process. The expert/facilitator will work closely with the participants to ensure that the policies are not only comprehensive and impactful but also developed using sound policy-making practices.
  6. Coordination of the Roadmap among the parties: Based on the input and negotiations, the expert/facilitator, drafts the final roadmap of the policy. The final roadmap is presented to the parties involved for review and approval. The facilitator may help in addressing any remaining concerns and seeking consensus among the parties. Once consensus is reached, the policy roadmap is finalized and prepared for the further steps of communication and outreach.

Please note that the specific activities and deliverables are tentative and may be further refined and adjusted based on the input from the consultant and the outcomes of the online survey and ongoing collaboration with the participants.

6. Reporting

The Energy Expert/Facilitator will report to the project management team of the Green Forum and collaborate closely. Regular reporting on workshop progress, challenges, and recommendations will be required.

7. Budget

The budget for the consultancy shall not exceed 70 000 SEK including VAT.

7.1 Fees

The Consultant shall indicate the fees/rates to complete the assignment. Consultant is responsible for all costs related to the consultancy.

7.2 Payment

The payment will be disbursed in three payments. First 40% at signing the contract, second 40% after first workshop and final 20%  after all deliverables have been approved by Green Forum. Payments will require invoice issuing by the consultant.

8. Proposal Submission

Interested individuals must submit the following documentation:

  1. Letter of interest and CV. Presentation of relevant experience and abilities as well as qualifications. Max 3 pages.
  2. Methodological Proposal. Max 2 pages.
  3. Economic proposal. Proposal specifying a lump sum for the deliverables required in this document and preferably showing hr rate. All costs shall be given in Swedish kronor, including VAT.

9. Proposal Evaluation – Selection Criteria

The tenders will be assessed considering the following aspects.

  • The contents of the tender (that all the required information is enclosed, otherwise the tender will be disqualified)
  • The qualifications and experience of the tenderer including experience from working within the development sector (20%)
  • The methodology and approach proposed (50%)
  • The cost for the tender (30%)
  • Proposal review will be assessed through a Combined Scoring Method based on above percentages. The successful consultant will be selected by Green Forum.

10. Submission Deadline

Proposals must be submitted no later than August 27th, 2023 ,23:59 CET, to info@greenforum.se

11. Contact Information

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding this Terms of Reference or the proposal submission process, please contact Sopho Mchedlishvili at sopho@greenforum.se and cc therese@greenforum.se  (to ensure quick answers during holidays)

Note: This Terms of Reference provides a general overview of the required tasks and expectations. Green Forum reserves the right to modify and adapt the scope of work in consultation with the selected Energy Expert/Facilitator.